Blockchain - Hyperledger Fabric


The Internet has changed the way information is delivered, and artificial intelligence has energized computing power to free people from duplication, inefficiency, and heavy workload. The blockchain is based on its distributed, tamper-proof, traceable and other advanced features to build a new trust mechanism which will accelerate the digitalization circulation of production value and change the way of value transmission.

The open-sourced, programmable, and decentralized features of the blockchain will further break the information isolation and expand the boundaries of the networking operation. Moreover, the machine flow engine drives effective collaboration of multi-center and cross-body. And the social resources may realize the intelligent configuration of sharing consensus and sharing governance which brings the infinite possibilities and imagination of the blockchain application prospects.

Hyperledger V.S. Ethereum V.S R3 Corda

Each blockchain technology can be applied into specific industries which fit most.

What is Hyperledger Fabric?

NSecured HyperChain Platform utilizes Hyperledger Fabric which is an open source and a decentralized blockchain project under Linux foundation. And it is a consortium blockchain with features being private and permissioned that means all of the users in the ecosystem are identified and recognizable, and only the authorized users are able to enjoy services.

The module design of Hyperledger Fabric gives the Hyperledger Fabric network the flexibility and agility to be deployed in any required environment and scenario. Moreover, the channel design allows organizations to configure their access control and authority diversification.

All the features mentioned indicate that NSecured HyperChain Platform is the best fit for regulated industries and easily adopted to any required system.

Technical architecture

‧ Modules

Membership Service Provider (MSP)

This is for the user registration which entitles user a legal identity to take part in the Hyperledger Fabric Network.

Channel Design

Channel Design can separate different business in different channels without mutual interference. Only authorized users can see and join the interaction on the specific channel. This Design is specific for enterprise to run business isolated and securely.


Chaincode is the smart contract in Hyperledger Fabric network. By giving the appropriate configuration and assembly, enterprise can automatically run their business on Hyperledger Fabric that eliminate human error.

Endorsement Policy

The endorsement policy is the rule to verify the validity of every transaction. By configuring the appropriate endorsement policy, enterprise can operate their business in the right logic.

‧ Roles


Client is the end-user of the Hyperledger Fabric system. By registering himself in MSP, Client can use the chaincode to implement a transaction/query on Hyperledger Fabric system.


Peer is the entity which directly participate in the activity on Hyperledger Fabric. The peer is responsible for connecting the interaction between the users and the network, maintaining the operating of the network while locating different channels.


The orderer is responsible to collect the transactions into block, and then broadcast those to the whole network.

Why HyperChain Platform

First in first, the agility of our platform enables the scalability and flexibility which means that you can construct your own applications on this platform subject to your business operating. This also results in time and cost saving.

Besides, time saving can also be realized since without verification requirement by a central authority, transaction processing can be shortened from days to minutes. Moreover, the cost can be saved by less oversight and duplicate efforts being needed as all participants are known and self-policed and no intermediary is needed with direct item of value exchange.

And more importantly, the applied Hyperledger fabric technology takes the concerns for security and privacy away which protects against tampering, fraud and cybercrime. Moreover, member-only network entitles each participants IDs and specific permissions. And since the permission can be differed, the auditability enhances the transparency which allows entitled specific participants to monitor and audit transactions easily and securely.

And what matters the most to an organization is the operational efficiency. Our platform is able to process at rates of more than thousand transactions per second which results from faster transfer of ownership by pure digitization of assets.

Real Case

NSecured HyperChain has successfully operated in one of the top universities in Taiwan for its reward platform, which activates the living circle surrounded.

We offer omni-directional service which is briefly described as follows:

1. Our service kit includes Business model design and front-end (end-customer side) app design.

2. Once Merchant register to be into the admin (University) ecosystem where it pays and gets the points from, points are purchased from admin to merchant on HyperChain.

3. Once Client(student) makes a transaction in the merchant store by cash, and receive points from merchant as the reward, the points are transferred from merchant to client on HyperChain.

4. Once Client makes a transaction in registered store by points. A transaction is made on HyperChain, while the point will be transferred from client to merchant.

As a whole, Client uses points to pay for the service provided by admin/merchant. The points will be transferred from client to admin/merchant on HyperChain which can be automatically run by smart contract.

Applications that we can quickly migrate with

With the real case we ran, the following applications is what we can migrate quickly and shorten your time to market

We believe NSecured HyperChain platform can speed up your business and your organization unlimited possibilities.